Where do I even begin? Negotiating My Salary

Negotiating can be scary.

Employers are not forth coming about about the salary ranges they set for positions. So, how in the world can you even begin negotiating?

Before you apply for a job online, research the market rate for the position. There are many online salary estimators that you can use as a base, but don't just stop there go a step beyond by speaking to a trusted mentor or someone in your professional association to get a ballpark of the salary you should expect.

The are few things each job seeker should consider before engaging in salary negotiations.

  • Find out what the market rate is

  • Talk to mentors

  • Speak to the value you add

When you’re starting a conversation to ask for a higher salary you must have as much data on the salary range for the title that sure being considered for in that specific graphic area.

Online salary calculators are great place to start if you have no idea what the salary range is. However keep in mind that these sites often rely on self-reported salary data and may not be up-to-date. Additionally what you see online is a range so you’ll need to speak with someone with industry inside to gain a deeper understanding of where you fall on the salary range based on your work experience education experience and the market demands for the position that you are being considered for.