A Winning Negotiation Strategy

Each negotiation strategy will be unique.

Outline what you want to achieve from the negotiation. Be specific about what you want and the value you offer— in exchange for what you want.

Research all issues and people, no detail is too small. The more your know about the issues on the table, the better prepared you will be, and that confidence will be visible to the person(s) you are negotiating with.

Things may sound great from your perspective but do not be blinded by your own great ideas, put yourself in their shoes to be prepared for opposing views.

Find ways to add more value instead of offering a lower rate, discount, or accepting a lower salary. If you encounter a situation where you are at an impasse on money, think outside of the box.

Justify your request by sharing your track record of success related to the negotiation issues. Facts over feelings will win in negotiations.

Sometimes, you are presented with a deal that is not in your favor. Do not spend time and energy on a deal that is not in your best interest.

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