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What scares you as an entrepreneurial woman? Does fear and anxiety keep you from achieving your goals in life? It is human nature to sidestep unavoidable situations and emotions that scare us. Who wants to walk straight into something that promises to be a painful and intimidating experience?

Irrespective of the cause of the fear, it immobilizes too many women and stops them from achieving their life aspirations and goals as well as what they are capable of doing. The attitude of, “I can’t!” is the most common reaction in a fearful situation and it causes inaction.

Fear is a big deceiver and it can kill your hustle as a woman in a male-dominated industry before you even start moving, thus sabotaging your success.

Fortunately, you can learn how to overcome, ease and eliminate fear. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear losing money, poverty, avoiding risks, or any other fear, it should not stop you from giving success a chance.

On today's episode of PowerBanking, I'm thrilled to join Dr. Charmaine Gregory. Dr. G is an Emergency Medicine Nocturnalist, who is zealous about fitness and wellness. As a burnout survivor, she used self-care as a way to recovery. She offers help to women recover their health through fitness, good nutrition, life and leadership programs, helping them to face fear in their lives and emerge victoriously.

About the PowerBanking Podcast

PowerBanking is The Podcasts for women leaders who work in male-dominated industries. Hosted by Founder of & best-selling author, Jacqueline V. Twillie. The focus of this podcast is on tools and strategies that help women enhance their leadership blueprint and embrace her power to effective in work and life.

Best Quotes from Leading and Negotiating w/ Jacqueline Twillie Podcast

“Failure is both expected and is accepted.”

Episode’s Spotlights

[03:10] About Jacqueline, and her best-selling book, Navigating the Career Jungle

[04:14] How Jacqueline overcame her fear of skydiving.

[06:20] How Jacqueline’s skydiving video on YouTube was videotaped.

[08:40] Jacqueline’s experience and how she felt after facing her fear of skydiving.

[09:23] How Jacqueline applies her skydiving experience in her day to day life situations

[10:32] Do not be afraid to do it alone or stand out alone. Start with small, baby steps.

[12:00] How is helping women in business to negotiate and eliminate the wage gap.

[14:25] Dr. Charmaine Gregory experience with fear, in Medicine, a male dominated field

[16:35] Jacqueline’s series on LinkedIn on Risk, Resilience, and Reward

[17:35] Failure is both expected and accepted.

[19:45] Jacqueline’s trip highlights to Australia

[20:35] Tips on how to overcome fear: overcoming fear is like muscle building - start small

[22:55] upcoming project on LinkedIn and how to connect

[24:10] About upcoming Women in Leadership Retreat and how to participate

[26:35] The, “Fill in the blank “quizzes.

[27:25] The episode’s final thoughts and appreciations

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