Executive Presence & Negotiation w/ Jacqueline Twillie

In male-dominated industries, how women are perceived, most of the times, is tied to their communication skills and their ability to relate with others as leaders. Therefore, it is important that women learn to communicate and claim their rightful place at the negotiation table. Without good and effective communication skills, women will fail to command a room and will not make people stop and listen to what they have to say.

Executive presence and negotiation is a huge cornerstone for women leaders, especially within male dominated industries but of course these skills translate to any industry.

For women who want to move up the career ladder, executive presence could be the key they need to help attain their goals. Today I want to share with you the importance of understanding how executive presence plays into your leadership strategy and what that has to do with negotiation.

We're going to talk about the skills that overlap in each, how that makes you become a more effective leader and how you can use those skills to help your company become even more effective and to remain competitive in your industry.

About the PowerBanking Podcast

PowerBanking is The Podcasts for women leaders who work in male dominated industries. Hosted by Founder of ZeroGap.co & best-selling author, Jacqueline V. Twillie. The focus of this podcast is on tools and strategies that help women enhance their leadership blueprint and embrace her power to effective in work and life.

Valuable Quotes

“You should dress for the position you want, not the position that you have.”

3 Tips to Enhance Your Executive Presence and Negotiation Skills Revealed In This Episode

  • Your physical appearance

  • Communication

  • Your ability to ask questions

Episode’s Spotlights

[02:00] Women, oftentimes, receive feedback that’s very broad, unspecific and lack many action items

[03:00] Going through feedback women have received to enhance their leadership skills

[03:20] How to leverage executive presence and eliminate ambiguity

[03:40] Why companies in male dominated industries should provide training to their women employees.

[04:30] Tips that women can utilize enhance their negotiation skills and executive presence:

Tip #1 Your physical appearance

  • Dress appropriately for the position that you have

  • [04:48] Take the tone of your industry when choosing what to wear

Tip #2 How you speak or communicate

  • [05:10] How you speak and strategies to improve your communication style and negotiate effectively

  • [05:30] Personality tests you can use to improve your communication skills

  • [06:00] Listen more than you speak; polish how you speak, your body language, your tone of voice

  • Active listening helps you hear what others are saying and also what isn't being said.

Tip#3 Your ability to ask questions

  • [07:05] Be strategic in your questions: think about what you want to say, about the information you've already gathered and information you do not have.

  • [07:45] Be concise when asking questions

[08:30] Developing and enhancing new skills takes time. Invest time and effort in developing your executive presence.

[08:25] Recap of the 3 tips you can use to enhance negotiation and executive presence

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