Why I'm working to impact 1 million women

In this episode of the podcast our host, Jacqueline Twillie shares exciting news about her upcoming book release Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Negotiation Strategies For Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries. This episode is also a call to action to help her get this book in the hands of 1 million women. Learn more at www.JacquelineTwillie.com Don’t Leave Money on The Table: Negotiation Strategies for Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries is the go-to book for women who lead. Inside the book, you’ll learn the LATTE Method which is a proven negotiation framework that is a foundational strategy for communicating effectively. the 5-point framework to develop a win/win negotiation for business deals and salary negotiations. Look At The Details Anticipate Challenges Think About The Walk Away Point Talk It Through Evaluate Options The book provides actionable strategy and tactics for women leaders who negotiate. STRATEGY: Gain insight into best-practices for women to avoid backlash while claiming power and articulating characteristics that add value. TACTICS: Negotiation is a conversation, not a battle, explore the tactics to walk away from a negotiation with both parties looking forward to the next negotiation. In this bonus episode, Jacqueline Twillie talks about strategic ways to ask for help. In particular, Jacqueline wants to help you learn how to negotiate with value. Negotiation, as she discusses, is not about being overly aggressive. It’s about knowing your value, communicating that value, and making a fait exchange. Jacqueline also shares her world-transforming mission and how you can help her achieve that mission. Her book, “Don’t Leave Money on the Table” is a resource built from Jacqueline’s 5 years of experience helping women negotiate over $500,000 in better salaries and better deals.

The book is available now:

Here’s a quick recap:

● Jacqueline’s bold goal to reach 1 million women

● Equal Pay- Why women need to be comfortable asking for more

● What negotiation is...and what it isn’t

● Why any personality style can use negotiation to get what they want

● How to negotiate right using the “Latte Method” as a framework

Conversation Highlights

[2:44] 3 reasons women need to share “Don’t Leave Money on the Table”

[2:56] Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: What does it signify?

[4:08] One quick way that women can make a direct impact on the gender wage gap

[7:36] 3 Ways you can help Jacqueline hit her “Reach One Million Women” goal

[8:40] Why negotiation is essential for any part of your business

[8:52] The Latte method for negotiation

[9:42] Using the framework of negotiation to improve how you ask for help Resources

“Don’t Leave Money on the Table”

Learn more about Jacqueline Quotes

“The reward is in knowing that you’re advocating for yourself in a confident manner.”

“Yep, you heard me right. I want to get this book in the hands of one million women.”

Most of the negotiation books I’ve read ...They're a few hundred pages long.”

“If you do not ask, you will not get.”

“Many of us bought up in Western society, were taught to believe, as women or young girls, that we have to be nice and polite.”

“There’s...power in knowing that you can confidently go to bat for yourself just like you would for anyone else.”

“You can use your own personality style to dig into a conversation and to say confidently: “‘These are things that I want.’.”

“I want to let women know. Yes, you can negotiate from where you are…”

“Don’t discount where you are.”

“I’m not just talking salaries.”

Don't Leave Money On The Table: Negotiation... by Jacqueline Twillie https://amzn.to/2z67OZd