Don’t Leave Money on the Table with These Powerful Negotiation Strategies (with Jacqueline Twillie)

I’ve negotiated for a lot over my career and it always induces a sense of panic coupled with my heart rate shooting way up, but the truth is, every time I negotiate I earn more or pay less. Thanks to Jacqueline Twillie, the Founder and President of, a global training, and development firm that specializes in women's leadership within male-dominated industries is who you want in your corner when it comes to negotiation.

In this episode, we talk about how men and women do negotiation differently, how you can find confidence in any negotiation situation, and secrets to winning at negotiating your salary and so much more.

What You'll Learn The secrets behind Jacqueline's new book, Don't Leave Money on the Table How to negotiate to win

  • How to create a positive mindset around negotiation

  • Practical ways to fight through fear around negotiation

  • What to say when you're negotiating and what you need to know


Don't Leave Money on the Table

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