Birthday Blessings Project - Jacqueline Twillie

Hey Y’all in a few weeks I’ll be 35 !!! I’m so excited to celebrate my life & count my blessings. I’ll be donating cosmetics to a woman’s shelter & would like 35 women to join me in donating cosmetics to a shelter near you. Will you join me?

I've found a few tips to help you connect with a shelter in your area for the donation.

Nearly every community in the country has a women’s shelter that is always in need for you to donate makeup, toiletries, and beauty products.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Put together a bag of your favorite products (select quantity based on whatever your budget allows you to donate).

  • Do a google search to find details on how to donate to a shelter in your area. Google: "Women's shelter near me" Check out their website or give them a quick call to ask how you drop off a donation.

  • Privacy is important to the woman at the shelter please be mindful of that.

  • Many shelters have makeup products included in their donation items lists, and would be more than happy to accept your unwanted stash. Just be mindful of what types of makeup each location accepts, as some do not accept opened products. If possible, donate new and unopened products

  • Call or double check the website of whatever organization you’re donating to, just in case.

If possible, make the donation on or around Jan 3-6, 2020 .

I'll be donating to Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas,TX.

Thank you in advance for helping me make my birthday wish a reality. ~ Jacqueline