In this episode, Jacqueline was interviewed by Britanni Hunter of

Mogul Millenial is a brand that’s tailored towards helping black entrepreneurs and corporate executives level up their game!

As an expert in workplace income negotiations, Jacqueline was called up to present her ideas on how to negotiate in a trying period such as we are in right now.

Enjoy listening!

Timestamped Show Notes:

[00:37] Britanni and Jacqueline exchange compliments, joke about the

quarantine/ stay at the home situation and catch up on past times.

[02:20] Jacqueline expresses her excitement about sharing resources in a time when

people are getting nervous about money and negotiating.

[02:36] Britanni mentions her cousin who’s just completed her

degree program and is having a challenge about negotiating to be paid her worth when she does eventually, gets hired.

[03:16] Britanni also reiterates her excitement about the topic on

discussion because she feels no one is really talking about

negotiating in the present challenging situation.

03:43] Britanni shares Jacqueline’s background as a negotiation expert and women’s leadership advocate.

[05:46] Jacqueline request viewers to indicate their locations to help define a more

The relevant context in my presentation.

Jacqueline also mentions the fact that a lot of women feel uncomfortable

about negotiating a raise because they feel it’d rob them of their

employment. [06:04]

Q & A

[08:44] “For those people looking for a job, how should they approach

negotiating their compensation package- What are somethings they

should keep in mind especially during a time like this?”

During a time like this, you have to know the market rate and your skillset,

and understand that during an economic crisis like this, the market rate is

different.” [09:13].

  • The definition of a Market Rate. [09:27]

  • Where to find out the market rate for your job type. [09:39]

  • The market rate figures on the said websites may be different from what the reality of many companies are, due to the changes in normality occurring globally. 10:00]

  • Even though companies’ budgets will be impacted, it still doesn’t mean that your company does not have money to give you should you decide to attempt a negotiation. [10:15]

  • You also have to know what YOU bring to the table. You should be able to articulate your skillset, showcase your value by presenting what you have done in the past so that your negotiation is understandable by your company. [10:26]

  • Make sure you have an up to date resume and LinkedIn profile in place when negotiating. [11:02]

[11:21] “What are some common mistakes you’ve seen your clients make in the

past when negotiating a pay raise?”

One of the common mistakes is that people feel they can’t negotiate. They

think, “Oh! Well, it’s a bad time, the company doesn’t have money.” [11:56]

  • Ziprecruiter’s 2018 research study results. [11:34]

  • Another mistake people make is they give in to their fears of losing their employment if they ask for more. [12:07]

  • Asking for an unreasonable amount is another mistake [12:17]


[12:27] Once you determine the market rate, and set up your offline and online

Resume, the next thing to do is get on the phone with a mentor or

someone who’s more experienced and ask, “With my level of experience

and skills, is this number right to ask my company for?”

Key Quotes:

“....people who don’t negotiate stand to lose about $750,000

throughout their entire career!”

“Another big mistake people make when negotiating is overestimating

their skill levels.”


Jacqueline Twillie’s books: “Don’t Leave Money On The Table!”

and "Navigating The Career Jungle"





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Jacqueline Twillie is president of ZeroGap, a women’s leadership training and development firm that’s dedicated to closing the gender wages gap, so women can earn more of their true worth. ZeroGap serves its clients worldwide from Dallas Texas, in the U.S.A.