Many of us are navigating working a “new normal” during the COV-19 pandemic. In a time like this, it can be scary to think about negotiation things like salaries or job offers. That mindset, however, could lead to missed opportunities for you and the company or business that needs your value.

In this special episode, Jacqueline chats with Mogul Millennial about the key tools you need to negotiate smartly. Jacqueline covers where people make mistakes in negotiating, the best time (and way) to negotiate, and her specific strategies for dealing with the unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus.

Tune in to hear the advice Jacqueline gives to some of the most common questions job seekers and employees have when trying to negotiate for what they’re truly worth.

Here’s a quick recap

  • Most common negotiation mistake

  • Why you should go to every negotiation prepared

  • Why the first offer in a negotiation usually isn’t the best offer

  • One of Jacqueline’s early negotiation mistakes as a new business owner

  • How should I present my negotiation offer?

  • What kind of questions should I ask during a negotiation?

  • Why you need a written offer

  • Should you rush when you have an offer?

  • What if you’re asked about salary during a job interview?

  • What else can I ask for in a job negotiation (besides money)?

  • Negotiating relocation expenses

  • The LATTE method for winning any negotiation

  • Why you need to read the fine print in negotiation

  • How your relationships impact your negotiation

Conversation Highlights

[2:39] Negotiation mistakes

[4:35] Do I take the first offer just to get negotiation over with?

[6:39] Negotiating with the right person

[8:00] How to get your first win in any business negotiation

[10:15] Getting that offer on paper

[12:09] Negotiation and time

[14:27] The “salary” question

[16:52] Why you should negotiation during this pandemic

[18:19] How to prove your worth during this crisis

[21:25] Negotiating more than money

[22:21] Negotiating your exit strategy

[23:35] Relocation expense

[25:16] Latte method

[26:05] Financial costs to not reading the fine print

[29:34] What if you need to go back and negotiate?

[31:42] How early can you start negotiating?

[36:46] What should I do if I mess up?

[37:47] The power of relationships & networking

[39:52] Can you build relationships cold?

[41:27] What if your interviewer pushes back on your value

[43:00] Proving your worth before you negotiate

Power Leadership Quotes to Remember

“The negotiation doesn’t truly begin until you have the offer.”

“Negotiation is all having a conversation so that both parties can walk away with a win-win.”

  • “If it’s not in black and white, it’s not true.”

  • “If there’s no written offer, we have little factual information to go off of.”

  • “Don’t be afraid to pause it [negotiation] for a few days.”

  • “Networking can get you a hundred grand, hands down.”

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