Overcoming Fear to Ask For More in Negotiations

Overcoming Fear to Ask For More in Negotiations

In this episode of The Winning Season Podcast, Jacqueline answers the questions raised during the live episodes. Her passion to empower women leaders in the midst of men-dominated industries is very visible when she answers the questions in detail. Jacqueline highlights the importance of learning how to negotiate among women. She stresses that fear should not hinder them from expressing themselves because this means that they might be leaving money on the table.

For those who are afraid to negotiate, learn from this podcast as Jacqueline shares her perspective on this matter.

Episode Highlights

  • [00:25] Jacqueline acknowledges the questions left by the Winning Season

community in social media

  • [00:53] First Question: Can you briefly give us tips on how to overcome fear to


  • [01:05] Jacqueline mentions her 2nd book (Don’t Leave Money on the Table:

Negotiation Strategies for Women Leaders)

  • [01:45] She shares the four fear-based reasons that keep women from


  • [03:25] Solutions to overcome your fear of negotiating

  • [04:52] The 5-Step Framework: LATTE (Look at the details, Anticipate

challenges, Think about your walk-away point, Talk it through, Evaluation

Your Options)

  • [06:20] The roadmap that won’t make you leave money on the table

  • [07:17] 2nd Question: Kanish is asking for pieces of advice since she’s feeling

stuck in her career.

  • [08:17] Three philosophies from You Took The Job To Get Your Foot On The

Door: Now What?

Remarkable Quotes:

[03:18] “If you don’t ask, you will be waiting and waiting.”

[03:40] “...Oftentimes, when you are keeping your head down, and you are just doing the work and you are expressing your career aspirations, no one knows how to support you and help you achieve your goals....”

[06:12] “When you let fear hack you out of asking from what you want, you leave money on the table.”

Resources Mentioned

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Website: https://americannegotiationinstitute.com/negotiating-away-the-wage-gap-with-jacqueline-twillie/

Don’t Leave Money on The Table