Manifest & Negotiate

Avoid the top 10 mistakes most women make manifesting and negotiating.

Taken from the Manifest & Negotiate Course

Successful and powerful women have unlocked the power of manifesting and negotiating to get more of what they want in all areas of life. Avoid these common mistakes so that you don't hold yourself back from manifesting and negotiating for what you want.

  1. Shrinking your big ambitions and aspirations to make someone else feel comfortable.

  2. Spending too much time worrying about what people will think of you when you achieve your biggest goals.

  3. Stunting your own growth by turning down growth opportunities.

  4. Thinking positive thoughts without taking the related action steps.

  5. Allowing imposter syndrome to take over and thinking yourself out of the belief that you're worth having your biggest dreams.

  6. Allowing the excitement of a new way to manifest to replace actually taking action to manifest.

  7. Failing to negotiate and advocate for yourself by speaking boldly about your desires.

  8. Creating a vision board without intention behind the pictures.

  9. Allowing a little success to keep you from continuing to take action toward manifesting your goals.

  10. Fear of becoming the woman you dreamed you would become.

Don't overwhelm yourself by striving towards perfection, instead focus on how you can move forward to strengthen your mindset in each of these areas.

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