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80% of business that no longer exists didn't have a business plan. Establish a solid foundation to build upon.


A marketing plan is so much more than a social media page with lots of likes. Learn how to attract and retain clients. 


Attract your ideal client and use referrals to expand and build your company. Attract your ideal client with proven guides.



Most people start a business because of the desire for freedom and flexibility. With systems and processes, you'll gain that freedom!

One common problem is thinking you can do everything by yourself:


  • Reading blog post?

  • Listening to podcast?

  • Reverse-engineering what other people are doing?

That stuff will only take you so far you need more.  You need accountability and direction from someone who has been where you are trying to do.  Someone to hold your hand, push you when needed, encourage you when needed and hold you accountable.


 High-level supportive circle for ambitious women. If you have a 9-5 and also want to build a business on the side this group is for you. 


We will push you when needed, encourage you when needed and hold you accountable. Many members form business partnerships and share in success in sales and exposure. While others lock in brand partnerships that reach large audiences. 


We rarely use email. It’s just not an ideal collaboration tool.  We use a private slack channel for communication. This allows us to share ideas, articles, and questions any time during the week.


Proven resources to help you launch and scale projects. Stay focused and eliminate being distracted by others.


the members of the THRIVE mastermind group are focused on growing their consulting business. Some are online subject matter experts, speakers or authors, and ready to take on more paid clients.


If you know you have more to give but have been afraid of putting yourself out there in fear of judgment of what people will say or think of you, or if you question if you know enough to build a business this group is for you. 

Watch the Free Training

We will meet each month virtually for 6 consecutive monthS

Monthly calls are live 

(all will be recorded and yours to keep forever).


  • You will set your own goals during the course of our work together, and I will hold you accountable to all of them.

  • Each call will feature live, on the spot coaching, motivation, personal check-ins, and Q&A.

  • THRIVE MASTERMIND Curriculum is customized to the needs of group members topics include but aren't limited to; Foundations of Success, Career Transition, Negotiation Strategy, Leadership, and Personal Branding.  

We’ll be dreaming, but we’ll also be working, hard and fast. This experience is not for the woman who makes excuses or says she does not have enough time.  


The investment for this experience is $2,980. Inquire about Payment options



email jvtwillie@jacquelinetwillie.com for more information.


By design, this is a small group of ambitious women.

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5 Star Reveiw

It's like a lightbulb went off, I starting seeing results left and right! When I have my 1st 5-Figure income month I knew I could do even more! 

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5 Star Review

I needed the blueprint, to be honest, I was trying to create my own plan watching the free version of webinars and I wasn't seeing results. The moment I got my plan together I started connecting with clients. 

Professional Woman


5 Star Review

You hear people say fail often and fast. Well, failure was kicking my butt. Having the support and accountable but also having a squad to cheer when I accomplished a milestone was a gamechanger for me!

Client Testimonial
uBuntuSpeaks, LLC Founder, Hermence Matsotsa


Q: Is there a payment option?

Yes, payment options are available. Enrollment for THRIVE MASTERMIND closes when we reach capacity of 10, apply now for July 2019 cohort. 

Q: What if I can't make every meeting?

All calls will be recorded for you to review. Replays are sent out the morning after the team meetings. However, you will not get the full experience you consistently miss meetings. After 2 absences, I will follow up to discuss fit. In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.

Q: Do I set my own goals within the program?

Yes, you set your own goals. Jacqueline will keep your feet to the fire and hold you accountable for the goals you've set! You'll also gain support and accountability from the other members of the group. 

Q: Is this mastermind just for career women?

THRIVE Mastermind is for women who work a 9-5 but also want to start a business on the side.