Most women have challenges navigating leadership within traditional male-dominated industries.
I help women thrive by developing a powerful leadership strategy, that includes negotiating.

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Research shows that women that do not negotiate their 1st job offer can lose up to $500,000 over the course of their career. Whether you're just starting your career or you're a seasoned pro ...   IT'S TIME TO EARN WHAT YOU ARE WORTH


I've worked with Jacqueline twice in 6 six years. The first time I hired her, I was able to double my salary in the same company. I was nervous to ask but, I followed her blueprint step-by-step.


Then I went into the meeting with facts about how I was adding value. Fast forward, a few years later, a headhunter reached out, and with the help of Jacqueline, I negotiated a $5,000 signing bonus and executive perks. 


Jacqueline is hands-on and very insightful. I highly suggest working with Jacqueline on your leadership and negotiation strategy. 

~ Emily Advertising Exec


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I'm on a mission to eliminate the gender wage gap. I do that by teaching women to take agency and advocate for themselves. 

Part 1: Executive Presence 


Part 2: Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Part 3: Leading Without Apology 


Jacqueline's on a mission to eliminate the gender wage gap. Are you earning what you're worth? She teaches women how to negotiate so that they don't leave any money on the table. Jacqueline is the Founder of ZeroGap, a training, and development company for women who work in male-dominated industries. She has an MBA with a concentration in leadership. Her career advice has been featured in the press and web on Forbes, Fast Company, Today.com, CareerBuilder, Levo, Monster, Black Enterprise, Essence.com, and many more. 

In her spare time, Jacqueline enjoys cooking and practicing yoga. She's also a bit of a daredevil you can find her skydive video on YouTube. 

Jacqueline Twillie Women's leader speaker

"Know your value, so that you can negotiate for what you are worth."

~ Jacqueline V. Twillie