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Negotiate Your Side Hustle Deals

With so many women working a 9-to-5 and building a brand on the side it is wise to have a strategy to negotiate for the best deals while you’re building your side hustle into an empire. In order to negotiate for the best deal have a clear business plan that includes a standard price for your product or services. Use a business planning guide and do research to understand the importance of competitive data as well as gain insight into what rates/prices you should charge. You’ll have to stick to your prices in order to reach a profit. When you’re just starting out you may have to give some free products or a discount on services to get your name out. However, you must think strategically so t

Get More Out of Your Performance Review

Performance reviews can be a stressful time at work between the self evaluations and the short window in which everyone in your department review is conducted. This time of year is known for being a tense time of competition and self reflection. Before you go into your performance review spend time reflecting on your contributions to the organization over the past 12 months or since the beginning of your employment if it is less than 12 months. Factors to consider during your reflection or how many projects you worked at one. The milestones that you contributed to The results of the projects that you’ve worked on The lesson Juilliard and any feedback that you received positive or negative an

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