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Louisiana Small Business Development Center Guest Speaker Jacqueline Twillie

Tangipahoa Professional Women and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southeastern Louisiana University are hosting THE business event for women on the move. Women Mean Business 2018 will provide high impact strategies to survive and thrive individually and professionally. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity! Join us on March 23rd to gain insight that will help you reach your maximum potential! What to Expect at Women Mean Business 2018 - Inspiring Keynote Address and pertinent sessions - View & Purchase items at Local Vendor Showcase - Networking Opportunities – Expand Your Contacts! - Bid & Win specialty items at our Silent Auction Featured Speakers: • SHANTEL JOHNSO

7 Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid When Advocating For Herself

Women are fierce and will go to bat for those they care about. Think of your closest girlfriends they'll get up in the middle of the night to come to your aid. However, when it comes to advocating for herself she needs encouragement to ask for what she wants. Here are the 7 common mistakes every woman should avoid when advocating for herself. Feelings over Facts Stick to the facts in every situation no matter what is at stake or how person it can seem. Fear Fear can hold the strongest people back from speaking up. Think back to a time when you were afraid to do something. What was the result? Afterwards was it as bad as you thought it would be? Whenever we grow it forces us to step outside o

Negotiation 101 Women in Construction and Engineering

EUCI Annual Women in Construction & Engineering Conference in Denver, CO March 5-6, 2018. Negotiation Expert : Jacqueline Twillie Overview Negotiations are not just about the billion-dollar deals, boardroom strategies, or company takeovers; it’s a process we use daily. This interactive discussion is designed to help you understand the process of negotiation, using techniques and steps you can apply to getting what you want successfully. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming interview, asking for a pay raise, negotiating to determine where to dine, or getting a better car insurance rate, knowing how to effectively negotiate compensation is necessary for every profession. Learning Outcomes

Do’s and Don'ts When it Comes to Negotiating Pay

Here are the Do’s ! Prepare thoroughly for the negotiation Prepare to hear no; and what your counter will be Package your request instead of asking issue by issue Practice what you want to say Practice how you want to say it Practice what to say when things don’t go as planned Ask confidently Ask at the right time Decide if you want to accept or not Evaluate how the negotiation went; what will you do next time? Don’ts Don’t lie Don’t wing it Don’t skip the preparation Don’t cut the other person off Don’t formulate your response as soon as the other person speaks Don’t rush Don’t accept without reviewing the written offer Don’t ignore warning signs Don’t assume anything Don’t be afraid to ask

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