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Personal Branding + Negotiation! It Matters.

TWITTER CHAT! Topic: “How To Uplevel Your Personal Branding" Date: Mon, Nov 12 Time: 5pm PT / 8pm ET Hashtag: #Ambitionista Host: @MiraJoleigh Guests: @HiPiera @JVTWILLIE @TheReelAnna Bookmark this link to follow along! … #twitterchat

Destress @ Work!

Corporate Wellness Expert, Trudie German joins Jacqueline Twillie to discuss how women that work in male-dominated can beat stress! Join the conversation

Use LinkedIn To Up Your Salary $$$

Watch this Free Video Training or Listen to the Free Audio Training 3 factors to consider as you maximize your expertise and successful to get the best deals. First impressions are lasting impressions at first glance what does your profile say you can do? Does it tell the story of the value you can add to an employer or client? By using a combination of the profile picture, tagline, and summary section you have the ability to give an impactful first impression. In an environment where so many elements of successfully landing a job or business deal is out of your control - your LinkedIn profile is totally controlled by you. Take advantage of the page to express how you're the best at what you

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