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PRE-ORDER THE BOOK TODAY! The upcoming book by best-selling author, Jacqueline V. Twillie combines years of research coupled with experience which has helped women to secure over $500,000 in salary and benefits. This is the first comprehensive negotiation book to be written by an African American woman who's navigated the career jungle. As the Founder of ZeroGap, Jacqueline leads a team to deliver unmatched solutions for leadership development catered towards women in male-dominated industries. The strategies and tactics within Don't Leave Money On The Table can be applied to business deals, as well as career decisions. This book is for women written from the perspective of a woman who negot

DYNAMIC WOMEN'S ALLIANCE feat. Jacqueline V. Twillie

Negotiation Strategies for Business Women Negotiations are not just about the billion-dollar deals, boardroom strategies, or company takeovers; it’s a process we use daily. This session is designed to help you understand the process of negotiation, using techniques and steps you can apply in getting what you want successfully. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming deal, renegotiating a current contract, or slicing your company share, knowing how to effectively negotiate is necessary in order to succeed in your leadership journeys. Take-aways for this session include: - Preparing a negotiating strategy - Avoid common mistakes in negotiating - Understand the role of influence and persuasion

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