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Black Women's Equal Pay Day

Black Women’s Equal Pay day, 8/22/19 Join us at The Riveter and Aries Webb-Williams are hosting a panel discussion and book launch for my new book, “Don’t Leave Money on the Table!”, along with a dynamic panel discussion about negotiation. Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap. In the United States, this date recognizes how far into the year women of color need to work to earn what men earned in the previous year. In 2019, compared to white, non-Hispanic men, Black women earn $.61 for every dollar. It pays to be persuasive — especially when it comes to your career. Negotiation can lead to higher salaries, greater startup equity, and better tit

Negotiate Now! The Courses

Jacqueline has released a set of negotiation courses - Negotiate Now! The 20-Minute Course Salary Negotiation Preparation The starter course if you have an offer and need to negotiate right away! Ready to be promoted at work? Feeling Stuck? Unsure how to ask for more? The Get Noticed, Get Promoted Course is for you! Getting ready to negotiate something over 10K? You need this course so that you cover the bases of negotiating and getting a great deal! Don't Leave Money on The Table : Negotiation Course Negotiation Strategies for Christian Women - This course is filled with scriptures incorporated with the negotiation framework to establish a win/win mindset for negotiating.

Leading Teams using the LATTE Method

Companies in male dominated industries have an awesome opportunity to be competitive and innovative with a diverse team. A recent research shows that companies that embrace diversity in leadership innovate at a faster rate, increase profitability, and pride themselves in better employee engagement and retention than their competitors who have non-diverse leadership teams. Additionally, companies with diverse teams are better at problem-solving, have a broader client base and more engaged customers leading to increased revenues. Therefore, diversity is crucial for any business and there’s a huge untapped lucrative potential for those leaders who do not yet use diversity as a significant tacti

Executive Presence & Negotiation w/ Jacqueline Twillie

In male-dominated industries, how women are perceived, most of the times, is tied to their communication skills and their ability to relate with others as leaders. Therefore, it is important that women learn to communicate and claim their rightful place at the negotiation table. Without good and effective communication skills, women will fail to command a room and will not make people stop and listen to what they have to say. Executive presence and negotiation is a huge cornerstone for women leaders, especially within male dominated industries but of course these skills translate to any industry. For women who want to move up the career ladder, executive presence could be the key they need t

Being Fearless & Leading

PowerBanking Podcast Shownotes What scares you as an entrepreneurial woman? Does fear and anxiety keep you from achieving your goals in life? It is human nature to sidestep unavoidable situations and emotions that scare us. Who wants to walk straight into something that promises to be a painful and intimidating experience? Irrespective of the cause of the fear, it immobilizes too many women and stops them from achieving their life aspirations and goals as well as what they are capable of doing. The attitude of, “I can’t!” is the most common reaction in a fearful situation and it causes inaction. Fear is a big deceiver and it can kill your hustle as a woman in a male-dominated industry before

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