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2020 Women's Leadership Retreat Amalfi, Italy

ZeroGap Women's Leadership Retreat was created for women leaders in male-dominated industries. Join us in Amalfi, Italy and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea. During your time at the retreat, you'll have access to workshops that will teach and encourage you to expand your leadership and bring your career to the next level. The leadership retreat areas of focus are topics such as work-life balance, goal setting, and leading in changing environments. Join the premier Women’s Leadership Retreat for women leaders from around the globe as we to come together and tell their stories; to have a seat at the table and to grow our networks to impact positive change; to listen an

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Part 1: Executive Presence Part 2: Overcome Imposter Syndrome Part 3: Leading Without Apology

Intro the Negotiation MasterClass

Most woman avoid negotiation for 4 reasons. They're afraid they might say the wrong thing. They're nervous that if they ask, it will be taken the wrong way. They think that asking means, they won't get anything. They're in a situation that requires an immediate out and they think asking won't be a way out. Here's the truth... If you don't ask for what you want, you'll be waiting and hoping you get it. It's rare that the 1st offer you receive is the best offer. Companies expect you to negotiate so they rarely start with the very best offer. Women who don't negotiate their 1st stand to lose over $500K over the course of her career according to the book, Women Don't Ask. When you let fear talk

Learn how to negotiate from the expert - Jacqueline Twillie

Jacqueline recently released an online course teaching the proven strategies that have helped me experience success in negotiating. The results range from $3K to $80K annually - individual results based on various factors. At the core, Jacqueline teaches the 5-steps you must consider to set yourself to walk away with a win/win negotiation. In this course, you'll learn what to ask and when to present your request. Even more, you'll learn HOW to ask for what you want during negotiations. Enrollment in the course closes soon! Sign up Now

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