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2020 Winning Negotiation Strategy

A new year and decade is an exciting start for many! I'm personally excited to continue my work in women's leadership advancing the business community with leaders who are strategic, courageous, and focused on exceeding results in their organizations. 3 Must-Know Negotiation Strategy Moves for 2020 1. Facts over feelings when you're negotiating a salary or business deal. 2. Listen more than you speak, the best way to gain information is ask open-ended questions which are expansive and allow for both parties to understand what's most important. 3. Don't leave money on the table, if you don't ask you won't get it. Go into your next negotiation with increased confidence

Level Up 2020 - The Membership Program

Level up in your career in 2020 ! Design the life you deserve for less than a dollar a day. Nearly 90% of our Members reported seeing results from our training programs when they take action daily with our framework ! Want to learn more? Get access to all of our workshops for less than a dollar a day (over $1,550 value). Perfect for anyone looking to level up in her career and create massive, transformational leadership shifts. Listen to the Latest Episode of The PowerBanking Podcast * Training Programs designed for you, by Jacqueline Have one focus area in mind? Learn to get noticed and promoted, negotiate for money and more. Ideal for anyone looking to focus their attention on a specific c

Nah, I Know My Value

Wow! The response from my best-selling course and the merch has been over the moon! I'm most excited to that the women who've completed the course are noticing changes in how they navigate challenges at work and in their personal lives! To be honest, I had so much fun creating this course, I took the lessons from my very own my personal experiences and applied share it with you all! Let me know what your favorite part of the course is! My contact details are in the course download guide. ENROLL NOW P.S. You all asked for the limited edition hoodie in the color black and my team made it happen! For a limited time get FREE Shipping on this hoodie. The Custom Hardback 2020, Nah I Know My Value

7 Days of Giving with Jacqueline Twillie

7 Days of Giving with Jacqueline Twillie Join me for a fun holiday virtual event! Become a member of the private Facebook Group - PowerBanking Podcast for free. Next week, I'll be spreading more holiday cheer during our 7 Days of Giving. How does it work? It's a surprise! We’ve put together awesome tools to help you level up & walk into winning season. You'll only be able to get in on the fun if you're apart of the PowerBanking group!

Nah, I Know My Value - The Course

The #nahiknowmyvalue course was inspired by the woman I work with. Women who have the courage to say Nah! I know my value! This is by far my favorite course that I created. It came from a space deep within. There have been times when I was high in my worth & didn’t put with with anything less than what I knew I was worth. There have also been times when I didn’t recognize the woman I was and I settled for some ish. Thank God I was able to climb out of my low place. That’s why I created the Nah, I know my value course because moving out of that low place can be SO DAMN HARD. Girl, I know for sure how great it feels to start walking, talking, and speaking with unapologetic confidence again! En

Birthday Blessings Project - Jacqueline Twillie

Hey Y’all in a few weeks I’ll be 35 !!! I’m so excited to celebrate my life & count my blessings. I’ll be donating cosmetics to a woman’s shelter & would like 35 women to join me in donating cosmetics to a shelter near you. Will you join me? I've found a few tips to help you connect with a shelter in your area for the donation. Nearly every community in the country has a women’s shelter that is always in need for you to donate makeup, toiletries, and beauty products. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Put together a bag of your favorite products (select quantity based on whatever your budget allows you to donate). Do a google search to find details on how to donate to a shelter in your a

Nah, I Know My Value Sweatshirts

Y'all We ordered waaaay to many *Nah, I Know My Value* Hoodies and we're having a flash sale to clear the office! Today Only Dec. 10, 2019 we've dropped the price from $61.99 to $40 no code needed Nah, I Know My Value Hoodie - Limited Edition This soft sweatshirt has a fitted style for a comfortable feel. With durable print, it will be a walking billboard for years to come. .: .: 50% Cotton; 50% Polyester .: Medium fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271.25 g/m²)) .: Sewn in the label .: Runs true to size Order Now

Free Book Discussion Guide - Don't Leave Money on The Table

Don't Leave Money on The Table, Negotiation Strategies for Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries is a 2019 Best-Selling Book. From internationally recognized Negotiations Expert, Jacqueline V. Twillie. Many women have used the tips from this book to increase their salary during new job negotiations, performance review negotiations, and business deals. Inside the book, is the signature negotiation strategy process taught by Jacqueline V. Twillie. It's called LATTE and is a proven 5-step method for preparing to lock-in a win/win negotiation. Download the PDF Guide Now If you're book club purchases 20 or more books email us to schedule your FREE 30-Minute Virtual Q&A with the author, Jacqu

Free Negotiation Checklist

Negotiation Checklist on the PowerBanking Podcast with Jacqueline Twillie Here's the Free PDF Negotiation Checklist that you're looking for! This document will help you to 1. Identify areas of importance prior to the negotiation starting 2. Prepare for curve balls, that have the potential to knock you off your game. 3. Give you a framework to decide when to walk away from the negotiation. This negotiation checklist is the companion to the free training released by Jacqueline V. Twillie on the topic of preparing to successfully negotiation! Download Now On this episode of the PowerBanking podcast and Jacqueline gives step-by-step guidance for women leaders to prepare for successful negotiatio

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