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Quick Tips for Negotiating Anything!

When it comes to negotiating all types of thoughts can creep up. Most can be so unnerving that you'll talk yourself out of negotiating. PROTIP: Negotiation is a conversation not a battle Today we're going to tackle 2 Common Questions about negotiating anything! How do I know if I'm underselling myself? How do I show value in such a way that I negotiate the price I want? Factors to be aware of to determine if you're underselling yourself. - Guessing instead of pulling data, 80% of a negotiation in done in the preparation phase. -Ignoring data that you've received i.e. winging it instead of listening to the data -Doubting yourself including dismissing positive feedback - If you notice a patter

When To Negotiate A Raise

Do you know when you should ask for a raise? Most people think that it's after their performance review is complete. There's a better time to ask for a raise or promotion and it can significantly increase the chances of you getting more of what you want. Ask for a raise or promotion prior to the fiscal year budget being set. Most companies operate with a fiscal year budget. In simple terms, it's the time of year when the company sets their budget for the upcoming year. This doesn't always align with the calendar year. An example is the fiscal budget starts in September, so this means the budget for the year 2020 started in September 2019. Okay, so now that we've covered that here's the next

How to jump into Winning Season

It's winning season, are you reaping the rewards in your career and leadership? I'm blessed that I get to help women step into 6 and 7 Figure Salaries by giving the simple steps to walk into winning season. * Owning the value they add to their employers * Becoming high-earners through their problem-solving skills * Leading teams that get results even when it's a little challenging It's not magic, it just takes consistent action towards achieving goals. It's winning season and I want to walk with more women who are ready for their next level. Want to join me? Let's get started today

Welcome to Winning Season!

It's the start of a new decade and the beginning of another amazing year! I've learned the value of doing what I should even when I don't want to do it and it's lead me to live a life that I couldn't imagine before. I work with the most amazing women in the world and help them to own the value they add at work. As a result, I've seen women increase there earnings. Some woman successfully negotiated $3K annually while some women that have worked with me for a year locked in roles where they DOUBLED their salary. I have a saying with my clients that when they enter the 6-Figure and 7-Figure salary club that they've entered #WinningSeason! What's in store for you in 2020? I'd love to be apart o

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