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What You Need to Know About Executive Presence During the COVID Crisis

Executive presence is known as this mysterious “X factor” that you either have as a leader or you don’t. But is it possible for women to develop this “X factor”, even if they believe they aren’t blessed with a charismatic or witty personality? Jacqueline explores what executive presence is and how executive presence enhances your leadership. Here’s a quick recap Defining “executive presence” Do you need a certain personality to have executive presence? Finding your unique skills as a leadership A quick 5-minute exercise you can do to get feedback on your unique skills Why coaches are an essential skill for ANY leader How do you communicate with executive presence? Power of the pause Do you n

It's still winning season

Things are hectic these days and rapidly changing. In the midst of the new challenges we're all facing I'd like to share seven steps to keep stress low and focus on something other than the headline news. I recorded a short video and podcast to keep to you, my community take moments away from the headlines to recharge. We are going to get through this alone but together! P.S. In a few weeks I'll be shipping "Winning Season" stickers to my friends. Subscribe to the podcast to hear the details! P.S.S. We order all our button and stickers from StickerMule and we're event thinking of adding a #WinningSeason decal to our office door. Let us know what you think about these vinyl decals.

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