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The Manifest and Negotiate Course

Find out what some women know that let's manifest great paying jobs. There are 10 mistakes to avoid and 5 moves successful women take to manifest and negotiate. 10 Mistakes Successful Women Avoid when they manifest and negotiate. Girl, listen... you can figure it out the hard way or you learn from someone else's mistakes and get closer to manifesting and negotiating what you desire. After you identify the mistakes to avoid it's time to get ready to take action in the direction of your desires. It's time to Manifest and Negotiate. Here are the five moves that successful women master on their journey to manifest and negotiate. (Save this screenshot and share with your friends) If you've been t

Navigating the Career Jungle During COVID

AN ONLINE EVENT TO SUPPORT WOMEN LOOKING FOR CAREER ADVICE DURING THE COVID CRISIS. SPACE IS LIMITED, RSVP TODAY. How do you search for a job & negotiate your salary during COVID? This live q&a w/ best-selling author Jacqueline Twillie gives tips to win! About this Event This live q&a w/ best-selling author Jacqueline Twillie gives tips to win while job searching and negotiating during COVID. You can still be actively working on your job search. These tips will help you navigate the process during the pandemic and the accompanying economic slowdown. This webinar is designed for you, you'll be able to ask as many questions as needed during this live session. Topics we will address: How to net

(FREE) Negotiation Checklist

Don't wing it when it's time to negotiate 80% of the negotiation is done in the preparation. Not sure how to prepare? I got you covered here's a video that outlines what to pay attention to. Use this PDF checklist as your guide to prepare your next negotiation. If you're still feeling a bit nervous after you watch the video and use the pdf. Book a 1:1 Call with me and I'll give you a few pointers.

Manifest & Negotiate

Avoid the top 10 mistakes most women make manifesting and negotiating. Taken from the Manifest & Negotiate Course Successful and powerful women have unlocked the power of manifesting and negotiating to get more of what they want in all areas of life. Avoid these common mistakes so that you don't hold yourself back from manifesting and negotiating for what you want. Shrinking your big ambitions and aspirations to make someone else feel comfortable. Spending too much time worrying about what people will think of you when you achieve your biggest goals. Stunting your own growth by turning down growth opportunities. Thinking positive thoughts without taking the related action steps. Allowing imp

Overcoming Fear to Ask For More in Negotiations

Overcoming Fear to Ask For More in Negotiations In this episode of The Winning Season Podcast, Jacqueline answers the questions raised during the live episodes. Her passion to empower women leaders in the midst of men-dominated industries is very visible when she answers the questions in detail. Jacqueline highlights the importance of learning how to negotiate among women. She stresses that fear should not hinder them from expressing themselves because this means that they might be leaving money on the table. For those who are afraid to negotiate, learn from this podcast as Jacqueline shares her perspective on this matter. Episode Highlights [00:25] Jacqueline acknowledges the questions left

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