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Woman On Szn 1

WOMAN ON dropped today! *WATCH* Episode 1 with @maxiemccoy & @ivirlei on going viral for good *LEARN* how to apply the ep’s wisdom to your life with free worksheets *JOIN* a @womanoncollective of amazing women to discuss how the themes show up for you in your very own group.

Don't Leave Money On The Table

When was the last time you thought about your negotiation strategy? Most of us think of it only when the the stakes or big...

Jacqueline Twillie partners with #SelfMade by Brit & Co. !!!

In October 2020, Jacqueline V. Twillie will join a dynamic lineup of women entrepreneurs for #SelfMade By Brit&Co. It's for women who are DREAMING BIGGER and ready to EARN BIG! The driving force behind Jacqueline's participation in this program was her desire to help more woman go from dreaming to being the business leader they want to be. This program is led by the founders of Brit and Co! This duo brings their A-game (like they always do) and teach the steps to go from idea to revenue! Some programs give high level insight, but this one is different because it gives a blueprint and provides support to answer questions along the way! Yep, you are not on this journey by your lonesome. Look a

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