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Hi, I'm Jacqueline

Through negotiation, I work to reduce the racial wage, gender wage, and leadership gaps, emphasizing support for Black women. I've worked with thousands to build their confidence, increase clarity, and move the conversation about the conversation from taboo to an empowering topic. One of the tangible ways I do this is through the Resilient Leader program. I've been recognized for demonstrating consistency in equity and inclusion with involvement with numerous organizations. In 2020, I created the Resilient Leaders Program, a leadership intensive for women and under-represented leaders working in male-dominated industries. I'm honored that my expertise has been featured in Forbes numerous times. I'm on a mission to eliminate the gaps perpetuating inequity in our world. 

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Negotiation Course

Level Up

"I'm so glad my friend told me about this course. It's the most effective way to prepare for a negotiation." ~ Lauran G. | Director of Client Services

This 1-hour course gives you an easy-to-follow 5-step process to

increase your success in negotiating so that you don't leave money

on the table. You'll be able to learn the essential items to prepare while understanding mistakes to avoid. Whether this is your first negotiation

or the 100th, you'll finish this course with enhanced skills to negotiate


Over $950K negotiated after taking this course; this negotiation course is a proven path to lowering your stress and increasing your confidence to negotiate.

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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Short Answer...Don't!


Full of actionable advice from one of the leading experts on women's leadership, this negotiation playbook —named a top resource for women in male-dominated industries —offers a blueprint for achieving your personal and professional negotiation goals.

Does talking about your money feel scary or icky because you're worried people will think you're "greedy"?


Does it feel more natural to "do the work and keep your head down"?

Are you tired of waiting to be recognized for the value you add to your industry or company?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you might be leaving money on the table. GET THE BOOK.

The L.A.T.T.E. Negotiation method has been praised for demystifying the negotiation process as a win/win approach to not leaving money on the table.

  • Look at the details

  • Anticipate the challenges

  • Think about your walkaway point

  • Talk it through

  • Evaluate the options

Praise for Don't Leave Money On The Table

"This book is filled with great strategies and practical advice for

negotiating the terms of a new job or a promotion. It also addresses

mindset shifts that are essential for successful negotiations."
- K. Menchion

"An excellent resource for women. I used it with my clients. The exercises cause the reader to self-examine how they portray themselves verbally and non-verbally." Monique Smith

"Twillie does a fantastic job balancing the art of "telling it like it is" with actionable, supportive coaching and advice. Written for us by us. I recommend this read to all women and those working with them. Well done" 

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Leadership Intensive

ZeroGap.png is the premier training and development firm for underrepresented leaders across the globe. With an emphasis on supporting Black aspiring leaders as well as women leaders in male-dominated industries. Three core pillars help these emerging leaders navigate the unspoken challenges. Over 10 thousand leaders trained using the curriculum from the Resilient Leaders Program by

Over 90% of Participants from the American Express company-wide training reported the information obtained through resilient leaders was applicable to work.

"Great session with actionable takeaways. Thank you!" - American Express


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"I had a consultation with Jacqueline two days ago. It has already paid for itself. TWO DAYS. I have raised my consulting rates, I've billed clients for work I did months ago and I'm re-thinking how to bundle my "products." She is POWERFUL and you need her. Thanks, J! "

Erica F.

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